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Valeting can be considered a deep-clean of the vehicle, both inside and out, leaving it in showroom condition. Detailing, on the other hand, involves correct defect beneath the surface. This can include swirling, scratch marks and other paint imperfections.

Our company is fully-covered for public liability, as well as being insured for up to £85K per vehicle. Furthermore, we are covered for up to £50K for any paintwork damage.

Adding a ceramic coating allows for long-term protection for your vehicle’s paintwork, simplifying regular washes whilst retain its original gloss.

Paint correction is a detailing process which removes scratching, hazing, and other imperfection from a vehicle’s clear coat. This is achieved using specialised equipment and polishing compounds to clear away microscopic layers of clear coat, leaving the surface smooth and as good as new.

Yes, our undercarriage protection is applied after a thorough cleaning. First we apply extreme duty anti-corrosion wax to the vehicle’s cavities, chassis, legs and subframes. After which, we soak the whole undercarriage and suspension in ACF-50, which works as an anti-corrosion agent and lubricant.

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